Meet Adam Romeo Rossi…

What is your favorite flavor of chips?

Sour Cream and Onion


What is your role at Riipen?

Client Success Coordinator


What does your role focus on?

I help our customers achieve their goals with our technology. This means that I’m getting to know the people that use Riipen and what drives them to engage in experiential learning. A cool part of my job is that I get to interact with professors, so I’m exposed to a lot of interesting people on a daily basis. When I’m not onboarding clients, I get a lot of hands-on time with the platform itself. This is really when I get to test how our product is performing and figure out how I can help improve it.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My music. One of my hobbies is producing my own music. I’m trying my best to create a unique sound – one that’s my own blend of acoustic guitar, hip-hop/rap, and classical Italian folk. The journey has only just begun and it’s a process of continual learning – which can be frustrating at times – but it keeps my mind active. If you’d like to see where I’m at so far, you can listen here: Ra – an EP by Roméo


What’s a book you love, a quote, or something you think everyone should listen to or know?

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” – Salvador Dalí. I love this quote because it allows you to have a free conscience when following in your idol’s footsteps. It’s only in embracing all the influences that make us who we are so that we can be truly original. I feel this is as true in life as it is in art.


In your words, what’s the best part of working at Riipen?

The best part about working at Riipen is that I feel like I’m making a difference in something that directly impacted me during my time as a student. I was very fortunate to have had a chance at experiential learning during my final semester of university, but prior to that I was quite disenchanted with the lack of real-world preparation that my degree afforded me. Riipen was the natural fit after graduating, and since joining I’ve actually been able to see opportunities I wish I had during university be granted to those coming after me – it’s truly rewarding.


What’s your best piece of advice to a student?

Follow your passion, not what you think you should do. It’s cliche, but it’s true. You won’t ever regret taking the academic path that you enjoy vs. taking the major that people around say will give you the best career. Once you’re in a place that makes you happy and excited, you’ll then have the energy to pursue the real-world opportunities that are in your field.