The Company:

Beanstream Internet Commerce is an online payment gateway and merchant account provider Beanstream Internet Commerce is an online payment gateway and merchant account provider with its headquarters located in Victoria, British Columbia. Beanstream is the payment gateway of choice for some of North America’s largest enterprises and an integrated partner to many leading shopping carts. In addition to its core gateway services, Beanstream offers a variety of risk management tools and direct debit/direct payment processing solutions with services available in up to 150 currencies.

The company has provided over $30 billion in payment processing services since 2000. They have been focused on making the process of accepting payments simple and easy for their customers. In a world where payment processors come and go quickly, Beanstream has been steady and solid throughout the years.

The Need:

Beanstream is always looking for upcoming talent to help out with their open source projects and to build new features. The developer toolkit that developers need to send payments through the web is built open source by Beanstream. This means that Beanstream is always looking for talented developers to contribute to their projects. Riipen has become a key part of finding this talent. Riipen allows the developers and students in school to get involved with a great project, and help Beanstream to develop secure tools to accept payments.

Experiential Learning:

Beanstream was developing a suite of SDKs for their payment gateway, and wanted to source contributors for their latest one written in Ruby.

The framework of the SDK was complete and there was lots of sample code that could be copied and modified to be used in the students tasks, which made this a great tasks for ambitious new developers looking for real world experience. The task was to let Beanstream know what feature the student will be working on and then create that feature. If the code runs, is clean, commented, and tested, they get the cash reward of $200 per task! The Beanstream team worked with each student on the task, and encouraged participants to ask questions along the way.

Beanstream teamed up with Riipen to reach its large and talented developer pool to help create a Ruby SDK for Beanstream’s payment gateway. This SDK builds on Beanstream’s existing API to provide easy to use and secure tools for taking payments online. — Brent Owens, Beanstream Developer

The project provided a bounty for students to complete code and tests given by Beanstream, cash for code! To increase their open source contributions, Beanstream provides $200 to complete a feature of the project. It is a simple arrangement designed to bring in the best talent and get contributions quickly.

The Riipen Effect:

This project, because of its simplicity and the ability for aspiring programmers to build connections and real-world experience, was well received by Riipen students. Aspiring web-developers Colin Walker and Megnda Tom Lei successfully contributed to the project and were paid $600 and $200 respectively.

Working with Colin on the Ruby SDK for Beanstream was an absolute pleasure. Within a day of posting the code bounty he applied to work on it and was ready to dive right in. I gave him one task to integrate our GetTransaction feature and by the end of the day he had completed that as well as Transactions Returns and Voids. — Brent Owens, Beanstream Developer

I came across the Beanstream Ruby SDK project on Riipen when I was a student in the Web Development program at Lighthouse Labs. It was a great project for me to gain more experience in Ruby development and the compensation was rewarding; in fact being listed a contributor in an open source project helped a lot during my job hunting. — Mengda Tom Lei, Lighthouse Labs Graduate

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Co-Written by Dave Savory @Riipen COO & Top Riipeneer/SFU Student Colin Walker

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